Vote on the Best Modern Architecture City in the WORLD

architecture world map

There is so much amazing architecture in the world and so many cities to choose from.

architecture GROUPIE is trying to determine which cities are missing from our architecture directory and travel maps.


VOTE for your TOP 3 modern and contemporary architecture cities OR add another city we missed.

Forward on to all your architecture groupie friends.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. this was a toss up for me between Berlin in Germany and Rotterdam in the Netherlands as they cope with the past having also been so much part of the social fabric of where they have been led too in order to stay vibrant and not give in to fad yet still so very much culturally aware of themselves and their respective society context

  2. I agree, both are good architecture cities. Rotterdam is a city not afraid to architecturally experiment and Berlin’s new contemporary architecture is always juxtaposed with so much history. Tough one i agree, however it looks like New York is most popular right now.

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