Is modern architecture as valuable as historic architecture?

liu1_5   VS   Pantheon

When I created this blog and the architectureGROUPIE website I asked many people for their feedback, both architects and non-architects, requesting feedback such as if the information was useful, if they would use it, and so forth.  I was definitely more interested in what the non-architects had to say and a recurring comment was “I don’t really visit architecture when I travel”.   I was stumped, since I am an architect and quiet honestly surrounded by them almost all the time I understand we are rare breed so I really didn’t have a clue what people do when they travel other than visit architecture!

So I continued to probe…

What I eventually discovered is that they in fact do visit architecture but typically think of it as landmarks or monuments and they were almost always old, historic and on a travel map.

SO why does the general public consider historic architecture worth visiting and new architect not  worth visiting???

drawing some of my own conclusions I posed this question to all of you:

Is modern architecture as valuable as historic architecture?

here are some possible explanations from all your thoughts:

  • historic architecture which still remains has stood the test of time
  • new architecture is about experimenting and inspired by many things – people just don’t understand architecture now perhaps because there used to be rules and principals to follow
  • some love historic architecture due to some deep nostalgia
  • architecture is making strides in technological improvements but forgetting about the experience
  • architects are involved with the edifice and not the experience
  • architecture is a representation of current ideals – time allows for an appreciation of the those ideals to develop and modern architecture has not had enough time
  • building’s are given significance when it is put in a book or placed on a map
  • historic architecture is known by a greater number of people – they are popular and some are a part of pop culture
  • the wonder of historic architecture’s creation makes it special, new architecture uses technology and machines which we appreciate differently
  • building materials have changed, a large stone building demands more attention
  • the machine age and technology has created a longing for craftsmanship
  • some need to be engaged with architecture to find it valuable – perhaps modern architecture lacks engagement with the public
  • there is a lack of education regarding design among the majority
  • some don’t care for concrete, glass and steel, minimalist design but architects continue to this
  • modern architecture doesn’t have the history and the history is what creates interest and value

my quest for answers continues…

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