architectural travel entry: four

The façade is undeniably organic.  There is nothing static about this building, everything is alive as the light rolls in and out of the solids and voids which appear to pulsate with life.  The hard stone has lost its rigidity appearing as though it was sculpted from clay but remain strong and grounded in its place.  It is extraordinarily plastic I am amazed at how it defies the essence of the material it is made from.

We move through one of the voids in the facade and enter a courtyard.  It is unexpectedly filled with many calming colours and plant life, reminding me of a protective grotto partially in shadow because of the time of day the air is fresh here and I can see the sky.

Inside the apartment’s curved walls and ceilings unravel in a procession of space, only adding to my curiosity.  The ceilings and walls bleed into one another and again the solid materials appear as if they are fabric, fluid and soft.  There is a harmony between the surfaces one flowing into the next, there are no abrupt ends or connections – it is all one.  I am appreciative of the amount of consideration in these details and the level of craftsmanship.  All the architectural elements are treated with equal importance creating sublime textures and experience.  Doing my best to memorize these small and delicate features we leave to visit the roof.

Out in the sun the extensive attention to detail does not end, the chimneys and ventilation shafts are made of wonderful sculptures unlike any I have seen before.  There is nothing in this building that has not been considered, there is harmony in all its elements.


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