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There is so much to learn about the Modern Architecture of Berlin,

our featured books…


Dutch Embassy In Berlin By Oma/Rem Koolhaas  by Rem Koolhaas, 2004

Sketches, drawings and models illustrate the design’s points of departure, and Koolhaas himself expounds upon the project’s context.  Everything you need to know and more about this fantastic example of modern architecture.

BUILDING BERLIN Vol 1.: The Latest Architecture in and out of the Capital by Chamber of Architects Berlin (ed.), 2012

The overview of more than 70 contemporary projects in and from Berlin is augmented by architecture essays by renowned authors and interviews.

there’s more


Modern Architecture in Berlin by Rolf Rave, 2009

With texts and images, the book presents 466 architectural works built from 1907 to the present day. The author’s choices support the greater intention to present what can now be deemed contemporary, typical, and exemplary about every period of Berlin’s diverse, irregular, and amazingly rich architectural history.

Berlin – The Architecture Guide: Updated (Architecture Guides) by Braun Publishing, 2012

This architectural guide provides expert guides to the capital city and largest metropolis in Germany.

Daniel Libeskind: Jewish Museum Berlin: Museum Building Guides by Daniel Libeskind, 2011

For Libeskind, a Polish Jew raised not far from Berlin who lost many relatives in the Holocaust, this extraordinary building was an intensely personal undertaking.

Holocaust Memorial Berlin: Eisenman Architects by Hanno Rauterberg, 2005

The enormity and scale of the horror of the Holocaust is such that any attempt to represent it by traditional means is inevitably inadequate . . . Our memorial attempts to present a new idea of memory as distinct from nostalgia . . . We can only know the past today through a manifestation in the present. Peter Eisenman

A Guide to Modern Architecture

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