architectural travel entry: two

We are walking down the street and overhear a group of people saying “its awful”  “I don’t get it!”

There is so much emotion as I eavesdrop on the people pointing and looking up. My friend turns to me and says “I love it” of course not everyone feels negatively, myself included.

The overtly contemporary building hovers above us, for those who look up to enjoy it – for those who never look up they will never know.  Underneath the color, extreme form and playful facade there is meaning and reason.  I wonder as I continue to eavesdrop perhaps many people are not open-minded to this ‘new’ architectural style – are people seeing it without bias or just looking and making quick determinations.  I began to worry but soon hear more people pointing and discussing and I am reassured that this building along with many others evokes feeling, conversation and debate.

Colourful architecture    

OCAD by Alsop in Toronto

Do you have an architectural travel story to share…

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