Here are 5 reasons why you should visit modern architecture that perhaps you never thought of.

1.  means to an end

This isn’t quiet the right term but the idea here is that you can use these modern landmarks to explore and meander different streets and new neighborhoods you likely would not have found otherwise.  I have found really great alleys and markets on my way to some of these buildings you just need to keep your eyes open and make the route part of the fun.  Often the new and cool buildings are in up and coming neighborhoods which are nice to checkout before they become tourist traps.

2.  modern architecture is cool

Modern architecture can house some cool stuff or activities.  I have gone to look at some great architecture because of the architect and thought it was actually just really fun and recommended it to my friends just because it was cool.  For example while I was in Tokyo I visited the Swatch Group Store because it was design by Shigeru Ban (fabulous architect).  I actually didn’t know much about this project at all before I went.  The entire ground floor is open to the street, there isn’t any merchandise on the ground floor only glass elevators and a large open space with a trickling waterfall and living wall almost 5 storeys high.   The elevators bring customers to different floors each carrying a different brand of watch.  It is actually one of the best retail stores I have been too, we had an espresso and took a ride in some of the elevators.  It was cool.

Shigeru Ban   Shigeru Ban   Shigeru Ban

3.  it isn’t boring

Visiting modern architecture is not like visiting old Gothic cathedrals, they don’t all look the same! I must admit I don’t’ think Gothic churches all look the same but it is understandable why many would think that.  Old architecture followed particular rules for centuries – that is why they are so similar.  New architecture is not like that – Modern architecture is colourful and playful.  Architects experiment with materials and form.  Even if you don’t like every building – you won’t be bored.

Fun Architecture   Colourful architecture  Suprising architecture

4.  new stories

While your friends are doing and seeing the same old stuff that they found in their travel books you can see new and exciting projects.  Visiting these new buildings will provide you with interesting stories and adventures and you will be the envy of all your friends.

5.  here and now

Modern architecture most often relates to today.  You don’t need to be a historian to understand and appreciate modern architecture.

   Boston Modern Architecture  

Bonus reason:

Because it is now easy to find these modern buildings just visit architecture groupie.com  for an address list!

A Guide to Modern Architecture

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